What is BLW: Baby-led-weaning

An increasingly popular approach to starting solid foods, baby-led-weaning involves jumping straight to finger foods and bypassing purees. It encourages babies to become familiar with greater variety of textures and flavors, it also promotes fine motor skill development.

The ABCs of the led-weaning according to Équipe Nutrition

Healthy food for your toddlers

Discover an exquisite selection of premium, nutrient-rich foods, providing your baby with a nutritious and flavor-packed dining experience.

  • No added sugar or salt
  • No artificial flavors
  • Without preservatives
Our BLW meals and snacks
  • Fortified with iron

    Most of our snacks and meals are prepared with baby cereals so more consistent and nutritious, in addition to giving a silky texture in the mouth!

  • Portionable

    The portions of our snacks and meals are generous , and often enough to meet baby's needs for 2 to 3 meals.

  • Vacuum packed

    All our snacks and meals are vacuum-packed, and separated into individual portions, so you only have to thaw the portions you desire.

  • Freezing ready-to-eat meals

    Discover the magic of freezing : ready-to-eat meals and snacks that maintain their freshness and flavor to give you a delicious and convenient dining experience.

Our most popular

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Our mission

Parents are constantly racing against the clock! We aim to relieve you by offering you a cleverly prepared and nutritious menu, according to the practices of the BLW. We favor food grown in our garden and local products. You disposed a healthy and diversified eating, preferring products from Quebec where possible.