The only preparation is to thaw the meal in cold water or in the refrigerator (follow the instructions written on each dish) and then heat it in the microwave.
Yes, our dishes are designed to go in the microwave.
Yes, all of our products are frozen in vacuum packs. Easy to thaw and also minimizes freezer space
No, we do not offer in-store pickup. Only online for now.
Yes, we offer delivery across Quebec. Please see the delivery policy page for more details. (at the end of the page)
Yes, we offer a range of gluten-free and vegetarian products. Please check the descriptions of the meals offered or ask for help from a member of our staff at the following email address:
We are committed to providing fresh produce to our customers. We ensure that the products are stored correctly and follow food safety standards. If you have any issues with product freshness, please let us know immediately.
We accept credit cards, debit/visa cards, prepaid cards.
No, as our products are perishable we do not accept returns, therefore if there is a problem with the quality of the meal please contact us by email to see your refund options. We are here to offer you the best satisfaction.
No, no added sugar in our recipes, only natural sugars from fruits or other sweet foods.
Not yet, but stay tuned, we're working on it right now.
The child must be at least 6 months old, he can sit upright in his high chair (chest well supported and head up), he can easily reach objects and put them in his mouth by aiming straight, he can chew his toys vigorously, he is able to keep food in his mouth and does not automatically spit out what comes into contact with his tongue and palate.
Yes, it is suggested to offer water during meals.
Our recipes come from books specially designed for food diversification, such as baby eats alone. We have also gained experience with recipes and ingredients that complement each other well to provide better nutrition.